This class offers a highly personalised approach to practice. Like a private lesson in a group setting. Each student will receive personal guidance to develop a skilful practice appropriate to their level and condition where you move at your own pace and rhythm. Beginners welcome.
This class focuses on the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga – we break down the elements of Sun Salutations, standing and seated postures up to Navasana. We explore some of the challenging asanas that come after and conclude with a selection of the traditional finishing sequence. Beginners welcome!
In our Led Primary Series class the group will move and breath together in unison as we transition (vinyasa) in and out of each pose. The rhythmic count will be in Sanskrit. Previous knowledge of the entire Ashtanga Primary Series poses is required. Not suitable for beginners
Deepen your understanding of foundation principles of yoga to empower your work with yoga techniques and all aspects of Life.
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