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Casa Vinyasa Vevey is one of very few schools in Switzerland offering an authentic way of practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa method where practitioners and yoga teachers can receive guidance developing an advanced asana practice and progress in their practice beyond the limitations of guided yoga classes offered in other Yoga schools and teacher trainings.


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Delara Tiv is a certified Advanced Rolfer™ which makes her a distinguished yoga teacher; having a vast knowledge about the fascial web system through the human body, postural patterns and coordination of movement. Through Rolfing® Structural Integration, Delara will have the opportunity to help students  have better understanding of their postural and movement patterns in daily life and on the yoga mat. In this way students can understand their limitations and create more efficient ways of moving and breathing.  

Do you suffer from back pain, past injuries, peri-menopause symptoms, auto-immune disorders or exhaustion?

I love helping students and patients overcome physical or mental suffering through building a sustainable yoga practice and through therapy if needed. I have been a  life time student of movement, almost 20 years of studying yoga, breath work and meditation with some of the greatest living masters both in the East & West. I’ve paired this work studying Rolfing® Structural Integration and I’m one of the few Certified Advanced Rolfing  Structural Integration Therapist in Canton de Vaud, reimbursed by all complimentary health insurances in Switzerland. Helping people overcome chronic pain and  limitation of movement,  breathing with ease, postural awareness and movement education are my areas of expertise. If you are already suffering from an illness or injury it is best to start your yoga practice with a therapist who can adapt the practice to your needs  bringing healing rather than more damage.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Vevey & Lausanne