Guided Ashtanga

Guided Ashtanga Class

At Ashtanga Yoga Vevey we are committed to teaching Ashtanga in a safe and intelligent manner, giving special focus to anatomical alignment in the poses as well as the foundations of an Ashtanga practice: ujjayi (special breathing technique to regulate the breath and calm the nervous system), bandhas (internal contractions to keep the body strong and controlled) and drishti (points of focus to keep the mind concentrated and inwards). These are the aspects that make this physical practice be highly self-transformational and not merely ‘a good workout’. Of course, all the benefits of a good workout are attained but with yoga we get even more than that! 

Yoga Practices

The teacher teaches the fundamental principles of Ashtanga and breaks down the different elements of the sun salutations. Students are taught the standing and seated series up to Navasana, followed by some hip openers and finishing series.

Yoga practitioners are encouraged to listen and connect with their body and the teacher gives different modifications to make the practice suitable for the individual.

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