Shala Etiquette

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The Practice of Ashtanga Yoga requires the student’s dedication. Having consistency and patience is necessary for receiving the benefits of the practice. Otherwise, an irregular practice can lead to frustration and maybe injuries.

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Health Conditions

Inform the teachers about your past injuries, or any current illness or health conditions you are going through. You need to inform the teachers incase of pregnancy. Please do not wait for three months to go by before communicating.

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There is no talking in the main practice room before class starts or during classes. Please respect Savasana rest time after guided classes and stay on your mat for at least 5 minutes before getting up and moving around the room.

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Keep your belongings in the changing room in an organised manner. Please do no put things around your mat that are not needed for practicing. Jewlery, clothing… should not be put around your mat. Only Blocks and props you need for practice. Tidy practice area = organised mind.

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Tea cups

go on the tray provided beside the tea cups in the changing room. Please do not leave cups and plates around the shala. No on is supposed to tidy up after you.

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No phone

The main practice room is a smart watch/phone free zone.


Come on your mat with a clean body and feet. Please use the shower at the shala if don’t have the opportunity to clean up before coming to the shala. Yoga clothes, cotton mat and practice mat need to be odour free and clean.

Yoga Mats

If you leave your mat at the shala, it needs to be in a yoga bag or tied with straps so the mat doesn’t open. If you use Yoga mats from the shala, please clean them with the towel and essential oil solution after practice and leave them in the Rolfing room to dry.

No water bottles

in the practice area.

On Saturdays & Mysore classes

there are 2 rows of 6 mats and 3 rows of at least 4 mats. The spacing between mats is 25cm and 0.6 meter away from the front wall or the mat in-front of you. Please be attentive with how you place your mat in the room, the yoga practice and practicing spacial awareness begins already from there.

Entering & exiting practice area

quietly when you come for practice. Be mindful of not striking your heel to the ground walking around. Please place your mat gracefully on the floor without making noise. You don’t want to bother others in meditation before class starts or during their


When you are absent for more than a week due to life events, vacation or illness please inform your teacher. This is not a GYM but a Yoga school. Your teachers are committed to you just as you are committed to them and they wonder what has happened to you.

Alcohol, smoking, or using drugs

are not permitted at any of my retreats, in the shala, or in my presence if you would like to spend time with me or attend a shala gathering outside.

Cultivate love & kindness

for yourself & fellow practitioners in the shala; respecting body constitution and awareness of your breath. Do not judge or compare yourself and other’s practice. We all have our unique pace and process on this path. Concentrate on your own practice and try to be a loving support for others learning beside you rather than a negative critique.

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