Meet Delara

 I’ve been a student of the human body since my childhood being involved in extensive martial arts training (Shotokan Karate/ Okinawan Kobudo) and  professional dancing. I was privileged to grow up with Sufi traditions and to have Sufi Masters Javad Nurbakhsh and later his son Alireza Nurbakhsh as a spiritual guide, teachings which are parallel to the path of Yoga.

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and yoga teacher my goal is to lead practitioners of all levels  to develop a safe and sustainable self-practice;  to grow by mindful embodiment and to overcome past injuries and limitations. 

I’m passionate about sharing Yoga with others and not just the Asana practice (postures). I am  currently practicing Ashtanga Advance A & B Series seeking the guidance of my teachers abroad , making  trips to practice and continue studying with senior teachers 2-3 months of the year.  My teaching of asanas is highly influenced by my knowledge of Rolfing and dance. 

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How Did I Get Into Yoga?

I found yoga at first a means of finding equanimity during the stress of University and dance training, and it was that thread of balance that got me hooked in 2003.

It was not until 2009 and finding the Ashtanga Vinyasa  system in Madrid, taught by Borja Romero, that I experienced the profound and transformative impact that a dedicated and daily practice can have on all aspects of life. 

Other than the different Ashtanga studios I got to practice in due to traveling for dance and studying, I was privileged to study and practice with different senior teachers, receiving their adjustments, observing how they teach and pass on knowledge to other practitioners. Some of the figures  who inspired me to get deeper into this practice and with whom I have done intensive programs specifically designed for teaching are: David Garrigues, Richard Freeman,  Gregor Maehle,  Rolf Naujokat, Linda/Gerald Diss and John Scott.

I continue to practice, assist and demonstrate for David Garrigues whose guidance and teachings have been invaluable on my path. 

I continue to study Rolfing,  to practice Yoga and Sufi teachings with great enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. Every year I dedicate most of my free time and savings to higher education, either practicing under the guidance and presence of a senior yoga teacher or taking Rolfing/Barral osteopathy continuing education courses.

I  have a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Spanish Literature from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. After years of nomad life working as a dancer, I currently reside in the beautiful canton of Vaud in Switzerland, where I continue sharing my love for dance, therapy and Yoga. 

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