HOTEL BEAU- SITE (Martigny)  20th–22nd May 2022

An opportunity to connect as a community, dive deeper into all aspects of our Yoga practice and to discuss subjects that we normally can’t elaborate on in a regular class, such as philosophy, pranayama, and anatomy.

We will have three Guided Practices ( not a traditional Ashtanga sequence).  Each practitioner is challenged within their own limit. There will be modifications and different variations given for all postures so that they are accessible and safe for each practitioner.

During the pranayama class we will be reviewing the correct bandha engagement  for the Kumbakas (breath retention) and each pranayama exercise. We will be mastering the foundations of pranayama, emphasising on Kapalbhati (a form of Kriya) , Sama Vritti, and Nadi Shodana with Kumbhakas.

We will continue the day with deepening our knowledge about Philosophy and Functional Anatomy related to how we use our body during pranayama and asana Practice.

Anatomy class is not about memorising names of muscles but understanding how certain structures or fascial lines function in relation to each other executing a certain action.  We will study the relationship of how our perception of the space around & within us affects our movement co-ordinaition and posture. The objective is to bring ease and efficiency to our asana practice, breathing  and daily tasks by having a better understating and embodiment of anatomical structures.  I promise we will not be sitting down the whole time.

We will also learn about body reading to be able to understand postural and movement patterns that we have developed. By body reading we can better understand our own inefficient  postural habits and perhaps why we have weaknesses, tension, limitations and pains and aches in certain body parts.

During the Philosophy & Theory hours we will be combining Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Pradipika and Indian mythology to support a certain theme, putting our asana practice into context. Asana practice will bear fruit when practiced with the right attitude and intention, which we will discuss in the philosophy hour.

Come as you are: broken, vulnerable, burnt, injured, shattered, in shape, happy, sad, depressed …just come and practice.



14:00 You can check in as of this time

17:00-19:00  Intro & Guided practice ( stability, strength and support through the lower limbs)

19:00 Dinner

21:00 Vedic Chanting & Meditation (optional)

22:00 Silence (lights out if you are sharing rooms)


7:00-9:00 Guided Practice ( Hip openers & Arm Balances)

9:15-10:15 Pranayama

11:00 Brunch

15:00- 16:30 Philosophy & Theory

17:00 -18:00 Functional Anatomy & Body Reading

18:00 Dinner

20:00   Vedic chanting & Meditation (optional)


7:00-9:00 Guided Practice (Backbends  & Twists)

9:15-10:15 Pranayama

Check out before brunch

11:15 Brunch

13:30-15:00 Functional Anatomy & Body Reading 

Questions & Answers 



* Please note that each floor has shared toilets and showers.

CHF 600-  individual room per person
CHF 510.- double room per person
CHF 460.- per person in a room with 3 or 4 beds ( 7 beds available, one room with 3 beds, other with 4)

* Included in the full pension: Classes, lodging, brunch, dinner, buffet of tea/tisane and fruit during the day, coffee or tea after each meal. 


 *All products are BIO and the meals are vegetarian. Please communicate with Delara, regarding any food allergies, or intolerances towards gluten or dairy products. 

* You are welcome to bring a friend, family member or partner along, they don’t have to participate in the courses. Prices available upon request.