Dedication  The Practice of Ashtanga Yoga requires the student’s dedication. Having consistency and patience is necessary for receiving the benefits of the practice. Otherwise, an irregular practice can lead to frustration and maybe injuries.

How to dress  It’s recommended that you wear comfortable supple/soft clothes, closer to the body so that they don’t bother you as you move or stretch.

Tips for before, during and after practice We recommend that you practice on an empty stomach and that you don’t drink just before or during practice. If you need to eat something before class, give yourself enough time for digestion and opt for a small light meal.

Don’t worry if you are not flexiable You don’t need to be flexible to begin practicing. The teacher can always show you modifications for certain poses and you can use blocks or straps to help, no matter your level. Good bases (breath, stability, focus, and correct alignment are much more important than being able to put your legs behind your head.) Yoga is not stretchingAshtanga is a dynamic practice and the heat created will help soften tensional patterns in fascia and muscles. The practice also leads to oxygenating every corner of your body.  With a regular practice, little by little you’ll gain flexibility, but also strength, endurance and vitlity.

Please avoid perfume Please avoid any products that have a strong smell. 

Menstruation Skip the 3 first days and avoid inversions during your mensuration. 

Pregnancy If you don’t already practice Ashtanga Yoga, it’s better to start after child birth. If you already practice Ashtanga Yoga, no practice during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Always check with your doctor and if it’s safe for you to practice, please inform the teacher to modify certain asanas.